Weeds Season 8 DVD

Weeds season 8 is described a single mother who lives in the outskirts of Los Angeles,in order to maintain her family she has to salemarijuana this drama also reveals some dirty secrets behind like bucolic like a quiet life at the same time,Mary - Louise Parker plays the single mother,her husband has died in an accident.so she has to get along with the marijuana that anybody don’t want to touch.she has two sons,but they don’t kown what did their mother do ?though the Profit is so high,the is also a high risk industry.she met him while she purchase who would like to become her haven and helps her start a business like sale marijuana,we know it is a little ironically,but it’s truth.but if is the love for them? at that time, the plot is exciting and surprising.

Showtime ordered weeds and thinks it is a quality drama, the “Poison mom “Nancy Botwin who is played by Mary-Louise Parker is coming back in weeds season 8 dvd.Justin Kirk plays the young uncle Andy,Hunter Parrish plays her first son Silas and Alexander Gould plays her small son Shane are coming back in this season,weeds season 8 is a comedy and is produced by Jenji Koha and Lionsgate television launched.

The series finale jumps several years into the future and shows how the lives of the characters have progressed. because of the dark twist of the characters’life in weed season 8 dvd boxset,nancy regrets her past and she don’t know what should her do something to change this situation at that time,she also knows there is nothing what she do can change.finally,on the other hand,Doug wants to reconcile his past mistakes,they are huddled together and think of what did they do before,and they become more closer and appreciative of the unique bond they share.

Weeds season 8 as the final season of this series,the director of the drama has decided to end this series through this season,and there is will produced new drama in the future.so weeds season 8 the climax song makes most of the viewers a thrilling end.